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Holy Moly!
05.27.09 (10:23 pm)   [edit]
Now this little video is something *special*; do not be put off by its new-agey introduction. It's called "Raising Eden Part 1 HIDDEN HISTORIES and EMPIRE." You may have heard the stories of Atlantis, and of an even older continent, Lemuria...which as old as it is, was simply a progeny born of a more ancient-yet-highly-advanced civilized continent called, simply, "Mu". (Does their name indicate bovine worship? They don't get into that, Mu isn't even included in their video. The thought does occur that there are ongoing internicine wars between the Lemurians and The Mu, raging to this very day!)

But I drift. My point *is* this: no one claims to know what really happened in a distant past except profiteers and fools, but their awesomely magical and unique presentation (albeit hackneyed) is done with such impressive skill, that I am now convinced otherwise. Couldn't they themselves be (sic) "sourcerors?" It's a 25-part series, and growing. If this first video is any clue as to the excellence of all the following videos, I'd say I'm in for a real treat! Hedging my bets tidily upon my e-friends: why not take the ride with me, and go through the entire series (up to the very latest by then, could be 26, 27, or maybe nothing, maybe he's stopped). I am betting my very *soul* on the outcome, which if I win, *all* of you will have been viewing each video, one or two per day, until you hit the final one in the same week I do! So here's Part 1:

These *are* the End Times, only through a *pagan* perspective. The end or our Dark Ages will come as a revolt arising from the human heart, to take up arms and beat back these Reptilians who have owned our souls for over 13,000 years! This is the War of Good and Evil...the latter suffering an ignoble end, as the Waters of Aquarius give blossom to a New Age: one of wonder, beauty, love, enlightenment, true equality for all, and gay marriage.

Be sure to view all the following segments in numerical order (which is the same as "chronological" in this case). You'll find them on Youtube, 27 videos to date and more coming: just click here.

Finally Getting It
05.21.09 (1:28 pm)   [edit]
Back in 1997, I wrote a letter about hetero hypocrisy, which got published as "Guest Opinion" in the Bay Area Reporter (here in SF).

--Here's an excerpt:

Of course, if they accept your homosexuality, they are most likely "liberals". And--being the good liberals they are--they proudly wear T-shirts and decals proclaiming their support of black people's rights, women's rights, ecological causes, anti-nuclear slogans, et cetera. But where are their T-shirts that say something like "Another hetero for gay rights"? If your straight friends do not display pro-gay icons on a regular basis--as they do for other causes--then they are not truly supportive of your sexual civil rights.

--end of excerpt

If you'd like to read the entire piece, go here:


But the point I want to make now, is that I just stumbled onto a web site that encourages straight people to wear pro-gay T-shirts, 'cause that will probably help the fight against homophobia. Here's the URL:


I like that one more of my ideas (or prophecies) has been confirmed. That things I envisioned and wrote about more than a decade ago, are now manifesting in reality. Would be nice if I also got some recognition for my devotion and hard work...but that remains to be seen, and I am still hopeful.

And it's about time that the ideas I had some years back, are finally catching on...whether by coincidence or my words reaching the right souls.

To Scott from Fayetteville
05.13.09 (2:04 am)   [edit]

My heartfelt reply as "HoboHomo" to the posted comment, "Torture, religion and Hannity" on Buzzflash.com, a progressive message board.

Thank you Scott!
Submitted by hobohomo on Mon, 05/04/2009 - 9:11pm.

Not only was your comment regarding Christian hypocrisy, sadism and prejudice, on the mark all the way through...but you also were considerate and responsible enough to include their persecution of gays. Too few progressive heteros still fail to do that, as homophobia is no stranger to the left, either. We may need a global anti-gay holocaust before that will change! AFAIC, this holocaust is well under way, see: "The Globalization of Gay Bashing."

In fact, history books may say this present anti-gay holocaust began when former prez Clinton signed "Don't Ask Don't Tell" in 1993...along with "The Defense of Marriage Act" three years later. Why do I make such a conclusion?

Because, when a major leader of the world from the non-conservative camp (a.k.a. "not Republicans") passes an anti-gay federal law (or two), it sends a powerful message that prejudice against homosexuals is a good thing, and should be the official policy of these united states. Far more powerful, than had these two sanctions been enforced by right-wing factions.

Thus, the impact is far reaching, and empowers other zealous communities around the world, not the least of which are Muslims, Catholics, and



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